Live Florida Eagle Cam!

I’m a birdwatcher extraordinaire who especially loves anything that gives me a peek into the life of eagles, so I was astounded and immensely excited when I discovered (via Cornell Lab of Ornithology) that there is a camera which is situated right next to a bald eagle nest in Florida!  What’s more, this eagle has two little eaglets!

Sadly, one of the eaglets is not doing so well; he/she’s not as aggressive as his brother.  Or sister.  The other siblings is hogging up all the food – which reminds me, watching this camera is often rather graphic, for the mother eagle is always faithfully bringing her children dead fish.  Which they tear into and make a sickening mess.  But, it’s still exciting to me because I love eagles!  If you want to see this family for yourself, click hereImage.


Fossil Graveyards in the Cumberland Bone Cave


The Cumberland Bone Cave is an intriguing fossil graveyard in Maryland.  Why is it intriguing, you ask?  It’s just a creepy cave filled with creepy old bones.  Well, actually, it’s been thoroughly excavated by now and hardly has anything left in it.  But when it was found in 1912, it was filled with giant bones belonging to such extinct creatures as the Cave Bear and the Sabertooth Cat, as well as other, still living, creatures such as fish.  It was a great discovery.  

But the most intriguing thing about it is how scientists must explain how all those fossils got in there, in that ONE spot.  If you’re not familiar with how fossilization and petrifaction works, here’s a few explanations.  I’ll try to make them brief, but this is a very interesting subject to me 😀

The most common means by which a dead plant or animal can be preserved is by the formation of a mold and and the making of a cast.  This means not that the animal itself is preserved, but that rocks are formed in the image of the animal.  Suppose, for example, a seashell gets buried in sediment (sand, gravel, etc.).  As time goes on, the sediment hardens and becomes rock, and the shell is now encased in rock.  Eventually, water will seep inside the little crevice that the shell exists in and will weather the rock and shell.  If the shell weathers away before the rock does, in its place there is a rock with the imprint of a shell.


Petrifaction is the result of a creature’s remains being exposed to water that has a large amount of minerals.  As the mineral-rich water swirls around the creature’s remains, the organic materials begin to decompose and are replaced with by minerals that are deposited into the remains.  If this process is allowed to complete, eventually the remains can be entirely replaced and the result is a stony substance that is a replica of the creature.

Those are two pretty basic ways of fossilization.  Now, to move on, you must understand catastrophism and uniformitarianism.  These are the two major scientific views.  Catastrophism is the view that most of the earth’s geological formations are the result of major catastrophe’s in earth’s past (to sum it up ever so briefly).  Catastrophists mostly rely on the Biblical account of the Worldwide Flood as a major landmark in history that literally changed the face of the earth.  Uniformitarianism is the view that most of the earth’s geological formations were the result of slow processes that occurred over the span of millions of years.  Uniformitarians like to rely on the Theory of Evolution.  I sincerely hope you know what that is, but if you don;t, here’s a brief definition: The Theory of Evolution is a theory which states that all life on this earth has a single, common ancestor that existed a long, long time ago. 


Now, if you have all of that information down-pat ?(I hope you do), let’s look again at the Cumberland Bone Cave.  Wouldn’t it seem awfully odd if many, many different kinds of animals all crowded into one cave and died there together?  Seems hokey to me.  But Uniformitarians seem to think that.  They can’t think of a logical explanation for it.  But Catastrophists have an easy answer.  Once again, they use God’s Flood as backup.  They tell us that during the Flood, creatures were swept away and carried perhaps miles away from where they died.  Perhaps many of them ended up in the Bone Cave, where the mineral-rich flood water replaced their bodies’ organic materials with stone.  Perhaps some got buried in the sediment of the cave and the water weathered them away, resulting in molds and casts of the creatures.  There are a few other kinds of fossilization that I’m sure was discovered.  But the kicker to this story, the part that I find amazing, is how the Catastrophists, who mostly rely on the Bible as backup for their beliefs, were the ones who could explain fossil graveyards.  Uniformitarians, the people who believe that the universe was created out of a strange burst of Nothingness, could not.

Genesis 6:17

Justin Bieber is the 7th most popular woman??

Ooooookay. So I just found out that the Internet has made a list of the top 50 most popular women….and Justin Bieber is 7th on that list.
Haha, okay that’s funny…for five seconds. Then if you start to think, you realize how sick that is. Really. I’m no fan of Justin; I’ve never heard his music except for one painful performance on the New Year’s show. I disapprove of the teenage girls who hang posters of him and kiss them. And I myself don’t consider him very handsome.
However, that gives no one an excuse to call him female. It’s actually disgusting, to put it bluntly. Maybe he sings with a really high voice, but that’s no reason to put him on the list of the 50 most popular women. It’s just wrong.

Do onto others what you would have them do unto you. I’m sure you’ve heard those words, but did you know they were God’s words? They are found in the Bible, in Luke 6:31. I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t want to be called female if you are male, or male if you are female. You’d say that’s disgusting. You’d be offended. I think Mr. Bieber would also be offended. Or, maybe he’d just laugh it off, but WORDS MEAN THINGS. “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” That is a stupid saying. Words such as “[Male person] is a woman” are the kind of words that will eventually lead [male person] to start taking antidepressants. Teasing people like that is the kind of thing that leads them to commit suicide. Think about that next time.


Chewy Gooey Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies (whew, what a mouthful!)


Ever wanted a chocolate cookie that tasted more like a brownie, had chocolate chips, and was deliciously gooey and chewy?  This recipe, from, is just that and more.  Using cocoa powder instead of flour and powdered sugar instead of sugar, it has the consistency of brownies and the shape and flavor of a chocolate chip cookie.  Not to mention that it’s very easy to make!

If you want to enjoy these DELICIOUS cookies (which my family said surpassed all other chocolate chip cookies), head on over to Recipe Girl’s.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  Now, please excuse me while I go to the the kitchen to get a chewy, gooey, flourless chocolate chip cookie…whew, what a mouthful!

Hair-to-one-side Braided Headband


Celebratory First Post!

So, here I am!  After countless months of finding or thinking up things I wished to blog about (but not having a blog), I have finally created one.  I bet you’re wondering: “What are all those things you’ve wanted to blog about?”  Well, everything!  Nearly anything related to birds and crafts is my passion. I will begin this blog with an introduction to me.  My name is Ashley, and I’m a fourteen year old Christian.  I have been homeschooled my entire life and would never choose anything else.  I have 12 siblings besides myself and they’re all awesome.  My favorite past times are: crafting, birdwatching, drawing, writing, and taking photographs.  I aspire to be a fantasy author someday, and I write mostly medieval stories.  I also want to be a photographer.  My favorite movies are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean, though I like many, many others.  I adore reading; among my favorite books are The Inheritance Trilogy, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Deltora, Pheonix Rising Trilogy, and pretty much anything related to Marguerite Henry. And, last but not least, I believe my favorite game is Minecraft.