DIY Fabric Roads

So, yesterday was my little sister Bobbi’s birthday. She loves to play with cars and roads, but sadly, plastic racetracks and train tracks can get broken and lost. Plus, you have to connect them together in order to build with them, which is inconvenient for a twisty track. So, inspired by a post from, I made some denim roads for Bobbi!

They were very easy to do; all you need is denim, scissors and yellow paint (you should also have a marker and a ruler if you want to keep all the roads the same width. I tried to do that, but I’m terrible with measurements) If you want to safeguard against fraying, you could probably do a zigzag stitch along the edges…but I didn’t, and the fraying hasn’t been a problem. Bobbi loves it…and so do her brothers 🙂



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