Live Florida Eagle Cam!

I’m a birdwatcher extraordinaire who especially loves anything that gives me a peek into the life of eagles, so I was astounded and immensely excited when I discovered (via Cornell Lab of Ornithology) that there is a camera which is situated right next to a bald eagle nest in Florida!  What’s more, this eagle has two little eaglets!

Sadly, one of the eaglets is not doing so well; he/she’s not as aggressive as his brother.  Or sister.  The other siblings is hogging up all the food – which reminds me, watching this camera is often rather graphic, for the mother eagle is always faithfully bringing her children dead fish.  Which they tear into and make a sickening mess.  But, it’s still exciting to me because I love eagles!  If you want to see this family for yourself, click hereImage.


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